I thought that now would be a good time to assess where I was at with the Stomper. My Stomper is going strong however out of the other five guys who also paddle Stompers three have had to deal with damage and issues with the seat rails. To be honest all of these kayaks have been driven hard and have performed each and every time. I have repaired one of them a couple of times (did a proper job the 2nd time) and it is still going strong.

I have tweaked the outfitting a little and have produced a custom foam hip pad that hooks the top of my thigh. Additional padding around the thigh brace/hull has really helped and I find that I am able to drive the boat much harder into turns and it now even easier to boof. So all contact points are A1.

I’m still on the search for an airbag to fit in front of the fullplate footrest. These things were fairly easy to get when Prijon/Eskimo were a stronger force in the WW world.

Despite all of this the Stomper remains the boat of choice. Shane has released a short video about the seat rail issue, which I think is great. LL have stepped up and are sorting it out. If you have a LL boat then new rail inserts are available from your local Liquid Logic dealer.

Future tweaks will include a quick rack system for clipping kit in. This will be added to the rear of the seat.