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Liquidlogic Prototype

Judy Ranelli spotted this Liquidlogic kayak at the Mulberry Fork Race.

Liquidlogic Prototype
Liquidlogic Prototype


Liquidlogic Prototype

Could this be Liquidlogics slicey tailed river runner?

Let us know what you think about this Liquidlogic Prototype in the comments section below.


  1. B3nne

    Looks alot more like a creek boat to me. Bow is reminiscent of a stomper or jefe, looks to have plenty of rocker. The stern is that boxed off square end that everyone is doing these days, but maybe taken further? Not quite as far as the phoenix by the looks of it tho

    • Moses

      It’s a fast river runner. It likes fast flowing water the best. It sores over drops and gets up and over holes very well. It’s my favorite boat I’ve ever paddled. Can’t wait!!

  2. Jay

    Looks like LL has decided to make a “race” creek boat. Can’t wait to see how it compares to the Phantom, Nirvana, 9R, and Gangsta!

  3. Braaap69

    The slicey tailed river runner from LL is called party braaap and there’s another version called mullet.

  4. Jared G

    looks fast,looks responsive,looks radical. I’d love to see what the hull looks like! Did LL finally make a shit runner with edge???

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