Unsponsored’s little brother River has been very quiet of late. It turns out he has been working on a little winter edit focussing on his love of his Liquidlogic Stinger kayak. In Longboats For Life – Local Length, River takes us on a journey through the joy of owning and paddling a big boat, they aren’t just for flat water touring you know!

Longboats for life

Longboats for life – Local Length from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

Longboats for life is a celebration of modern longboating – fast, manoeuvrable and fit for purpose. The current conception not necessarily referred to 12.5ft, deckhatched, skeg down kayaks. However the design of the Liquid Logic Stinger XP and the Dagger Green Boat defy this common opinion and concept. They can deal with big water and steep creeks alike, as long as there’s water and the river is wide enough for them to turn! Above all else they are ridiculously fun and super fast!