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Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 – Review

I’ve been using a Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 for the last few months after getting hold of one of the first cases to land in the UK.

Unsponsored Lowepro Dashpoint AVC

The Dashpoint range is offered in a number of different sizes that will accommodate GoPros as well as other action cameras, with enough room for associated cables etc.

The version I have is a Dashpoint AVC 1 which is designed to carry one POV action cameras. An AVC 2 is also available that is designed to hold two cameras plus accessories.



However as seen in the images the AVC 1 will happily hold two GoPro cameras in cases along with a selection of accessories including a LCD bacpac (in black box). I can get a another bacpac and a couple of batteries in there with no issue.

Unsponsored Lowepro Dashpoint AVC

Unsponsored Lowepro Dashpoint AVC

In the lid section of the case is a removable panel with three areas for storage of cables etc. I carry a couple of cables in this area along with the new smart remote. The elastic is quite tight and the panel will curve a little at first until the elastic stretches a little. I could, given the room still available store the remote in the main compartment with the cameras as there is still plenty of room for this.

With one camera I can carry loads of additional mounts including the Joby suction mount, GoPro handlebar mount and a few stickies.

I have used most of the other POV cases on the market and have settled on this Lowepro Dashpoint AVC as the one to use. It’s big enough without any restrictions of pick n’ pluck foam or pre cut slots to worry about. It can carry a couple of cameras a spare batter or two and a couple of bacpacs without going daft. It also seems to have a more robust feel to it and feels more solid and crush resistant than some others.

Now, the Lowepro Dashpoint AVC is not waterproof but as a way to store your cameras safely and in one place it’s pretty good.


This lightweight, composite-shell case offers a high-impact-resistant exterior and a customisable interior so you can feel confident, even in the most extreme environments, that your action video camera and accessories are ready when you are.

Lightweight, composite-shell construction provides high-impact-resistant protection
Removable organisation panel keeps accessories secure and readily available
Stackable design makes case easy to store at home, in larger bag or pack or on location
Soft, inside lid with quick-grab tab for easy access
Dual-zipper opening
Customisable interior with hook/loop dividers offers versatility
Built-in, quick-grab handle


  1. Kevin T

    I use the smallest Kelty Cache box shown here Similar to what is shown here and works really well. Also, cheap.

    • Unsponsored

      They look pretty good Kevin.

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