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MYOG – Pertex Hammock Underquilt (UQ)

No matter what time of year I use a hammock I have always found that I lose a lot of heat from the underside of the hammock. Any insulation that lies between your body and hammock gets compressed and therefore becomes compromised.

Normal camping convention is to use a barrier between you and the floor to prevent heat being conducted away. This usually entails using a pad such as a Thermarest or a foam roll mat. Neither of these are a great option for in a hammock. I have always found that during the night the pad moves and you end up with a cold back.

The solution is to suspend your insulation under the hammock so it does not get compressed. Such systems are given the term under quilt.

After trying to get hold of a hammock under quilt (UQ) in the UK without success I decided to make one. Two years later I think I may have made 50 or 60 under quilts. My UQs are made from pertex with at least a 800 EU fill down filling.

Tabs and suspension points are added to ensure that you can customise the fit to a wide range of different hammock designs. This includes the excellent Warbonnet Blackbird and Hennessy Hammock range.


  1. Craig

    Hey, If you’ve made 50-60 of these quilts do you sell them? If so where can I get one and if no, why not? they look really good and very well made!

    • admin

      I make them only now and again now.

  2. paul

    hi there, would be interested if you make anymore

    • admin

      No problem. Drop me an email – phil ATTT

  3. PeteD

    Hola. I would definitely be interested in getting one or two of these from you.

  4. admin

    May make another this week. I still haven’t managed to make one for myself! There has been some red and black pertex sitting for years ready to be sewn up.

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