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New 2014 Pyranha Burn


The Pyranha Burn has been a huge success here in the UK and around the world. For 2014 Pyranha have made the Burn longer, thinner and faster. Essentially the best features of the Mk I and Mk II Burn have been combined to create the new Burn.

The third generation Burn is the latest in Pyranha’s long line of cutting edge river runners. Paddlers have come to rely on the Burn’s combination of playful hull, precise edges and forgiving deck profile for everything from the beginnings of whitewater to Class V creeks.


The models I have seen all have the great Connect 30 outfitting system.


The new Burn refines these features further to give you more speed and drive, more precise tracking in turbulent water and effortless boofs and adds in new meta grab handles and redesigned outfitting. The Burn’s combination of stability and precision make it a proven all round performer–whether you are a beginner running Class II or an expert firing up big drops.


It’s fair to say that both previous Burns have been great performers and have been a firm favourite with a few of the guys I paddle with. I’m looking forward to getting hold of the 2014 Pyranha Burn for review.

2013 Pyranha Burn from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Burn M – Available September 2013
Burn L & S – Available Autumn 2013


  1. Glenn


    Any info on the specs yet? Im really interested to see how the M and L size up.

  2. Alan Whitefield

    What about the outfitting? Have they finally introduced the Elite spec they showed last year as being imminent? Due a change there!

    • Unsponsored

      Connect at the moment. I haven’t heard anything about Elite for some time.

  3. Chris keeble

    Great hull having owned a mkii for over a year its a great boat with really good feedback through the hull,Connect 30 is ok but dagger,s creek ergo outfitting is the benchmark for me at the mo as far as comfort/fit/ connectivity is concerned, good to see Pyranha have addressed the grab handles at front n rear, should have done it all round. Await this new 2014 model with interest. happy paddling all Keeby.

  4. Unsponsored

    Pyranha have kindly agreed to send a boat over for review. Really looking forward to this one.

  5. Stiletto

    Have used Connect 30 on Zone L, and all I can say is it ain’t pretty and it ain’t easy!

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