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New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Corran Addison has recently offered his new F Bomb kayak with Hooptie outfitting. Essentially a new hull design with stripped backed outfitting that can be customised by its owner. Having paddled for over 30 years I remember outfitting boats with bit of foam and plenty of glue. I for one think that this is an excellent idea.

New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Check it out.

Taking a little closer look at the F Bomb with Hooptie outfitting.

The concept behind this is simple: to save you money.

When you’re debating between buying a used boat that’s more than a decade old (to get this sort of longer slicy design) and a modern boat designed with modern technology and newer better plastics, we’ve simplified this agonizing process for you.

For just $799 you can get the latest in design technology, ergonomics and performance, and then take an afternoon with drinks and tunes blasting to get your boat fitted the way you like it. Use foam… pirate old parts from your friends broken discarded kayaks… whatever it takes to get yourself on the water cheaply. And you can buy any parts you can’t scavenge from our website.

The boat comes fitted with grab loops, a seat, thigh brace, and hull support beam. After that – it’s all you.

Not a bad idea, right?

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  1. kayaker2015

    For some reason it is not as light as the fitted out kayaks. Could be down to the plastics used on the cheaper version. I was hoping it would be old school weight too.

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