The Session and Session + were the first boats launched form the US company Liquid Logic. The company has grown strongly since the introduction of these boats so I thought I try and get my hands on one for a few hours and give it a try.

Liquid Logic Session - Review
Liquid Logic Session – Review

I tried out the Session + which is the larger of the two at 7ft 10.

The outfitting is decent. The backrest is adjustable with ratchet either side located on the top of the thigh braces. Much like recent Prijon and Pyranha boats. It is really easy to get the back band tight, and yet still be able to get in and out of the boat. Everything was easy to adjust in the boat and foot room was decent for my size 10 plates.

In the wave or hole the boat lived up to the manufacturers claims of speed. Spins and blunts were pulled of with gusto leaving me dizzy after a few seconds in the wave.

Vertically the length of the boat and its slicey ends made rotation smooth and fluid. Linking ends was not a problem since the boat seemed quite stable on end. I did feel a little movement in the seat when throwing ends down, but a quick pit stop and a tightening up of both bolts took care of that.


Length: 7’4″

Width: 23.5″

Kayak Weight: 30 lbs.

Volume: 41 Gal.


Length: 7’10”

Width: 24.0″

Kayak Weight: 32 lbs.

Volume: 51 Gal.