Twitch IV is packed with action, scenery and even a world record. It stars Tao Berman, Brandon Knapp, Josh Bechtel and Stuart Smith. High n’ Mighty distribution are now bringing the Twitch series into the UK.


Tao, Josh, Brandon and Stuart run some of the best whitewater in the US, Canada, Norway and Hisaniola. This DVD includes 10 first decents and captures some of the most spectacular waterfalls ever attempted.This includes Tao Berman smashing Shaun Baker’s speed/altitude world record (75 ft/19.9 seconds) by descending 100 ft. in 19.4 seconds!

The Chapters:

Vertical/distance world record
Speed/Altitude world record
Suicide Hill
Play/Cedar Falls, CA
Canada – Redearth/Bighorn
Canada – Beauty Creek
Canada – Revelstroke & Sheep river
Norway – Ulva, Bronsetelva, Urdlandelva
Norway – Tronda, Hielva
Carnage & Credits


All in all, Twitch IV is a waterfall fest. Big ones, small ones, and mostly very complicated ones. If you like to see Americans throw themselves off some stupid stuff then Twitch IV is for you!