Twitch V starsTao Berman, Josh Bechtel, Erix Seymour and Ben Stookesbury. As the title suggests this is the 5th video in the Twitch series.


Twitch V includes “Wake Boating”, first descents in Alaska, Argentina, British Columbia, Idaho, and Washington, as well as many extras like a documentary about Tao called “Fearless” & the original “Twitch” from way back in 1999.


Twitch V:

Wake Boating
Double Falls
Lacy Falls

All in all, Twitch V is a waterfall fest. Big ones, small ones, and mostly very complicated ones. If you like to see Americans throw themselves off some stupid stuff then Twitch V is for you! Its also good to see what happens to a boat when it is pushed to the absolute limit.

Mixed in is some really nice stuff including a section on Wake Boating. Its pretty impressive to say the least. Out of the entire Twtich series this one has to be my favourite.


The Twitch series has come a long way since its debut in 1999. The waterfalls are bigger a long with the risks. Twitch V is well shot and contains a number of short interviews with the “stars”.

One for the collection – Yessss!