I received one of these towel systems from Orange Mud a few months ago for review. Since it’s first use it has found a home in my kit bag.

The Seat wrap is a towel with a number of additional features. Firstly it has a fully adjustable belt clip which ensures that the wrap stays securely around your waist or chest. It is super simple to adjust and the wrap stays put! At just over 6ft I have found the wrap to be just long enough.

The wrap also has a zipped section that allows you to create a hood in one end of the system. This is designed to hook over the headrest of your car seat, allowing the wrap to be used as a seat protector with the advantage of not moving around or dropping down as you get in the seat.

The towel material will not keep your seat dry if you are absolutely dripping or if you are wearing your full kayak kit after a paddle, but it will keep the vast majority off the seat and will keep it clean.

I have found the Orange Mud wrap easy to wash and is holding up well to being used and washed a couple of times each week.