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Palm Zenith Pants – First Look

We have a pair of 2016 Palm Zenith Pants here at Unsponsored HQ for review.The Zenith pants are designed to be combined with any dry or semi dry top to create a flexible system for year round use.

unsponsored-palm-zenith-pants 423

Although a two piece combination will find it hard to be beat a drysuit I have used a number of two piece systems in the past that have been super dry. The big advantage is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms to create a system that is best matched for the conditions you are going out in.

I will be matching these pants with the Palm Fuse jacket which we have been using here at HQ for almost a year.

Both the Fuse and this pair of Zenith pants are in Jet Grey, although the pants are also available in blue. I reckon the grey looks pretty smart.

Palm Zenith Pants - First Look

The Zenith pants replace the Neon pants in the Palm line up. The overall cut and the number of panels/seams have been improved.

The RRP for the Palm Zenith pants is £115.95.


Materials XP 2.5-layer fabric Nylon 320D overlay reinforcement
Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband
Twin waist
Neoprene gaskets with velcro adjustable cuffs
Reinforced seat and knees

The Zenith pants come equipped with a double waist to get a good seal with a twin waist cag. The inner waist is quite long which means that even when sat down or moving about the protection level is still great.

Palm Zenith Pants - First Look

The outer waist is Velcro adjustable via two large tabs that sit at the front. The waist seal also includes a couple of drain holes just in case water does find its way in. Both waists include a line or two of silicon to help the fabric grip against a cag or spray skirt.

Palm Zenith Pants - First Look

The seals at the ankle are taken care of via a long neoprene gasket. I’ve used these extensively on a Palm semi dry suit and they work great. There is also the possibility of getting the optional factory fitted XP 4-layer socks added.

Everything that needs to be tough is re-enforced with a heavier duty material.

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  1. Bruno

    It wouls have been useful to know how the pants performed under use ….

    • Unsponsored

      You will need to wait for the full review. This post is just an initial look at the gear.

      • Reveldinho

        Is the full review on the site now? I’m interested in these trousers but can’t find any objective reviews online.

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