The last Palm dry top I owned was probably a River Tec number from over 10 years ago. Since then I have been using Immersion Research or Sweet. I was therefore pretty intrigued by the new crop of Palm dry tops including the Palm Zenith.


From Palm:

Designed for spring and summer days on the water where a long sleeve is unnecessary, but conditions require a garment that will keep you drier than a splash jacket.
Flexible Ultrastretch neoprene neck and arm gaskets
Articulated cut with shaped shoulders
No underarm seaming
Zipped chest pocket
Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband with asymmetric cut
Contoured inner waist with sticky elastic edging
Fully taped seams throughout
Laser cut reflective detail on sleeves
XP 2.5 layer fabric

The Zenith is based upon the Palm Fuse which is the full arm length design and has the same non-latex seals.


I have the same seals on the neck of my Palm Spark suit and they work incredibly well.

Unsponsored-zenith (1)

You will get some water finding its way in but I find that its not that much more than experienced with cags I have with latex seals. The key is to make sure that the seals sit as low down on your arm as they can go.

Unsponsored-zenith (2)

So after days of taking advantage of the British monsoon season the Palm Zenith has had a pretty good shake down and I have found the following:

The top has a good range of movement and does not feel restrictive at all and for my size (large) there is not a huge excess of fabric.
The seals work pretty well.
The waist adjustment is good and provides a great seal against my deck.
They are great for use in the surf as I have not experienced any neck rash whilst using them.