The favourite of expedition paddlers for many years the Peli range of storage cases have an unrivaled reputation for strength, durability and waterproofness.

The Peli range covers a vast array of possible applications from rifle case to lunch box! However their use as an expedition camera case is where its main use lies and their reputation has been built. The most appropriate sizes to consider for this use are probably the 1200 and 1300 series for cameras and the 1120 for carrying a GoPro and a few accessories.


The 1200 and 1300 are big enough to accept a range of equipment and still small enough to be tucked away in a kayak. The 1120 will fit in most boats with ease. The whole range is designed to be both waterproof and airtight through the use of a rubber “o” ring and sturdy latches. So confident are the manufacturers that they are guarenteed to keep your kit safe unless they are subjected to abuse from shark/bear attack or children under 5.

Each case is fitted with a “purge” valve which prevents the case from jamming close due to changes in air pressure, for example if it where taken on a flight in the hold or submerged under water. More recent models have an automatic purge valve which as the name suggest needs no interference. Older models may require the user to release the pressure by turning the valve.

I currently use a couple of different Peli Cases. Firstly a 1300 box which comfortably houses my Pentax SLR Camera with zoom lens, and a Sony digital camera with enough room available to house another zoom lens. The second is a 1120 which usually carries by electronic kit – iPod, GoPro spare battery, Digi camera battery, spare SD cards.

Each item is kept safe and sound through the use of a three piece foam padding kit. One of which fits into the lid, another in the base and a large central section which can be simply adapted to house equipment of various shapes and sizes. This is done by placing your kit on top of the foam, drawing around it and then cutting the foam with a knife and removing the spare material. Replacement foam kits can be purchased for around £10 just incase you mess up or change the type/size of kit you wish to store in the case.

Photography kit is both expensive and quite fragile so it is well worth investing is some of this kit to keep your equipment safe and dry.