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Pin Kit – Oetz

What would you do in a situation like this pin on the Oetz?

Pin Kit - Oetz

Do you have a pin/rescue kit that can handle the emergency? Do you know how to use it safely and effectively?

Oetz pin from Eddyline Productions on Vimeo.


  1. Simon Wyndham

    I was there to help with the boat recovery. Ed had luckily managed to step out of the boat and sling the boat off the stop it going off down river. The guys he was paddling with had said that he should wait for the river to drop, but that could have taken some time given that the river was running high all week and it wasn’t his boat. He also needed it to practice on the main Sickline course in the coming week.

    The rest of the group had carried on the rest of the run, so myself and his dad met him by the road and we just had to get the boat out with what we had using roof straps and the throwline which Ed managed to reach inside the boat for. It took us about half an hour, but we got it free with no dramas, although it was rather dented from the water force. Popped out easily enough though.

    The pin itself could potentially have been pretty bad, but Ed handled it calmly with quick thinking. Looking at the run in it seemed like a pretty funky line that the locals had led him down.

  2. Simon Wyndham

    I should add that myself and his dad weren’t paddling that day, hence the reason we didn’t have our normal kit with us.

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