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Prototype Palm FX PFD?

Below are a few shots of what must be a prototype Palm FX PFD. The front of the PFD looks the same as the production models with the exception of the zip pull running in the opposite direction.

unsponsored_FX_PFD_Proto 1

The straps (other than colour) look just the same as the production models.

unsponsored_FX_PFD_Proto 2

However the back looks quite different. The slab is much narrower than the production model and doesn’t wrap around the sides as much.

unsponsored_FX_PFD_Proto 3

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  1. Liz S

    I hope the new one is more robust than the old model which I had. It only lasted just over a year before it fell to bits.All the stitching came undone and the elastic also went. I wont buy anymore palm gear because everything I’ve had off them has either been faulty or fallen to bits really quickly. I think their gear looks nice but is very poor quality.

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