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Pyranha Jed – First Paddle

Today (Sat 26th May 2012) was the first time that my large Pyranha Jed has been near water. The afternoon spent outfitting the boat last weekend had paid off. Everything was set up bang on.

A job that I did not do was check the screws and bolts. Most of the Pyranha fittings are protected from leaks with an O-ring/washer system. It appears that the front grab handle may not be. The handle is held on with security Torx bolts. Fortunately I have the kit that will allow me to back these off and add some sealant.

I only spent around 3 hours paddling the boat today. So these thoughts are very initial.

Getting comfy in the Jed was very easy. The outfitting is very effective, may be less luxurious than the Liquid Logic BADASS system, but never the less very good. In some ways I much prefer the connect 30 outfitting, for example the hip pads are provided with numerous shims. As a result it is very easy to set up the Jed for a positive/aggressive posture.

When ever I paddle a new boat I like to try a roll on flat water just to make sure that it isn’t going to do something weird. In this case there were no issues. The Jed is very stable to roll and at no point did I experience the back of of the boat “going funny” as I rolled up. After my first few rolls I took the boat down the long course of the Tees Barrage. This is a piece of water I know really well and is ideal for comparing boat against boat.

What I found really weird is that despite its very short length the Jed paddles like a longer boat. That is it has the speed and poise of a much longer boat. As a result I found myself flying into eddies and carving back out into the flow with ease. The nice sharp edges really did help. The Jed is clearly a boat that performs best when paddled aggressively.

I also had the chance to run the short course. Despite being heavily involved in moving the rapid block on the short course I have always managed to miss the times when it has been running. New small boat, big bottom drop, never done before! What could possibly go wrong?…well nothing as it turned out. As I ran the course the boat punched through the stoppers nicely, I was able to gain and maintain speed, change of direction was really easy to. I would have no issues with using the Jed as a fun, short river runner.


  1. John

    How tall/what is your weight? I’m looking into getting one of these and would love to hear how it has treated you since.

    • admin

      6ft 1″ or 2″ on a good day and 210lbs.

      Boat is bang on.

  2. admin

    Northshore Watersports

  3. Jamie Boynton

    How does it compare to the wavesport möbius?

    • Unsponsored

      Good question. Review was written well before the release of the Möbius. They are similar in many respects but the Möbius is much more of a handful compared to the Jed. I’ll get writing some more detailed comparisons shortly.

  4. Greg DuBose

    This has been great. Thank you. Surf the beach down in Florida and am awaiting my Jed large. I’m 6 and 189. You have me stoked for this boat even more, if that is possible.

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