From Robson:

“This is the expedition white water paddle, proven on the Tsang Po river. Heavy duty, medium sized blades in a classic asymmetric shape. The Pogo is a versatile white-water paddle and has been our best-selling paddle for years.”

Robson Pogo


Characteristics: Rodeo, white water, all round
Length: 190cm –202cm
Blade size: 42cm x 19.5cm
Weight: 930g; 32.8oz
Blade Material: Fibreglass or Carbon pressure moulded
Shaft: Sky Epoxy or Carbon Kevlar.

I’ve had these blades for about 3 months now, and I’ve given them a pretty hard time, and they have stood the test of time.

Overall Feel:

The first thing you notice about these paddles is that they are nice and light, without feeling flimsy. They are also available in loads of colours to suit al your fashion needs.


The blades are made of a composite material, that is tough and hard wearing. These blades have been repeatedly scraped and bashed against hard things like rocks, and come away with only superficial scratching. In the water the blades feel powerful, but not unwieldy, but defiantly suit the stronger paddler. The asymmetric shape means that they enter and exit the water cleanly with little wasted energy. Both back paddling and low braces feel solid and flutter free. The only major downside to these blades, is that the edge is vulnerable and not protected, which can mean that over time they become worn and sharp.


The shaft is composite material, and feels solid and controlling on the river. It is slightly ovalised at the hand grips, to help with both grip and knowing where the blades are. Because of it’s composite construction it is much warmer to hold than cheaper alu models. A mixed blessing comes from the shaft’s deep penetration into the blades. this means that you are stuck with the angle of 45degrees that they are supplied in, but get superior strength. The pogo comes in a variety of lengths, mine was 196cm.

Other Info:

If the pogo is a bit big for you, then the smaller “green” may be just up your street. If you want out and out play performance, then this isn’t the paddle for you, but for a great white water paddle, its hard to beat, and will only cost you around £140. Robson are avaliable from many good kayak shops, but if your in the South West, pop into Performance Kayaks as they have a great range of colours and sizes available.

Tom Laws