Runaway - South East Trip 2015

After a really long and cold winter up here in Quebec, we were pretty excited to hit the road, head south and finally escape from this endless winter blues. We got pretty lucky with the water levels and managed to hit some local classics in North Carolina and West Virginia. Huge thanks to all the people who helped us Quebexicans hitting the right creeks and the rights lines on the water as well. We met some incredible paddlers along the way.

That would’ve been much harder [ impossible ? ] without you guys. We had so much fun and this is probably gonna become a pre-season classic. As usual we didn’t took a lot of time to capture images [ too excited to paddle, you know] but managed to get a pretty good souvenir out of that trip anyway. Check it out and hope you’ll like it !

Runaway – SouthEast trip 2015 from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

Rivers: Green river, Raven Fork, Great Falls, Cullasaja, Glade creek, The New River & Manns creek.

Special thanks to:

Robert Waldron
Shane Benedict
Pat Keller
The WV boys !
LiquidLogic Kayaks
Select Paddles

Edit: Emrick Blanchette


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GoPro 3s
Canon T4i 18-55mm