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Sick Weekend Competing In Montreal

Bren has been paddling in Montreal.

Sick Weekend Competing In Montreal

Big waves, small kayaks and jet skis. What is there not to like?

Just got back from a sick weekend competing in Montreal, this is honestly one of my favourite events of the year! We get to ride Jetskis out to the legendary and little surfed “Mavericks” wave in the middle of the St. Lawrence river and session a sick wave with some of the best wave riders in the world all day. We then get to hang out in Montreal on Saturday night (possibly my favourite city in the world) and then on Sunday we load up on a ridiculous jet boat and blast up to a different section of rapids and race down them.

Definitely not my best weekend of competing but I am still stoked to just be able to compete at this event with all of my friends and am looking forward to coming back next year and trying to do better in the event!

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  1. Mike

    Look at those waves ! Absolutely loved the video ! 😀

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