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Silverbirch Canoes – Rebel Prototype

There have been a few images on the net showing the production setup of the new Rebel canoe by UK company Silverbirch.

Silverbirch Canoes - Rebel Prototype

The following video shows the Silverbirch Canoes Rebel Prototype in action.

Rebel prototype.. from Silverbirch Canoes on Vimeo.


  1. Terry

    Lovely looking trad boat there! Everything you need for zipping about on slow moving water

  2. TCB

    All about the Silverbirch boats – the only canoes ever featured. It’d be nice to see something about a whitewater OC1 for a change

  3. SV

    Umm, you guys been on an extended holiday or something? …or maybe paddling Tryweryn, Soca etc etc with your eyes closed? 😉 UK manufacturers are turning out some excellent WW canoes, Covert and Dropzone solo’s and the Covert tandem is just awesome fun…

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