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Soul Waterman – Kayaks

Corran Addison’s new venture Soul is well underway with a number of new boat designs in the making. The first two are the Rookie and Supersick.

Soul - Kayaks

Corran Addison started designing kayaks professionally when we was just 18, and since then has gone on to create some of the best selling, and most memorable kayaks of all time. His skills as an extreme kayaker, and freestyle kayaker are second to none, and the boats he created for himself over the years allowed him to push his limits and reach his potential. For now, Soul has just two kayaks – the Super Sick 58gal for river surfing adults, and the Rookie 93ltr for small kids, but who knows what the future will bring…

Although only two designs are listed on the Soul webpage, several others can be seen on Facebook.

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  1. Paul Teasdale

    I need one for my little boy please send me details.

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