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SP POV GoPro Storage Case – Review

I have been using the SP POV GoPro storage system as my main storage for my GoPro Hero 3 camera kit over the last few months.

Unsponsored- SP POV GoPro Storage Case

The SP POV Case is a solid and compact zip-up case keeps your action cam equipment perfectly organized and securely protected in any situation and at any given time.

Unsponsored- SP POV GoPro Storage Case

Using the pre-moulded interior you can comfortably stash away your cam and all its accessories such as LCD BacPac, Wifi Bac Pac, Battery, Floaty, SD Cards and cables.

The SP POV Case hence not only allows you quick and easy access to all your equipment but also keeps it safe and sound from any potential outside dangers.

The case I have here is the largest version. SP POV also make a extra small, small case. They also produce a couple of different cases for the Contour Roam series of cameras.

The SP POV GoPro storage case is very well made and feels quite robust without being over the top, the system works really well and has helped keep my growing range of GoPro bits and bobs safe and well organised.


  1. Unsponsored

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  2. Womanfriday

    A handle would be useful ?

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