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Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – First Look

Earlier this week a box arrived from Norway containing a very new, hot off the press dry suit – The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (19)

This is of course the highly anticipated Intergalactic Drysuit. Very few details of this actually exist and the number of images are very limited. In fact most have already been on Unsponsored. However I’m now in a very fortunate position of being able to check out the Intergalactic up close and get to give it a go on the water.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (11)

The suit is not due for release for some time so I was expecting a rough and ready pre-production suit to land at Unsponsored HQ. However the suit received has been very well put together and looks like it is a pretty much finalised production version. The stitches and taping are absolutely perfect. I have been over the suit very carefully and cannot see any missed stitches or dodgy taping. Very impressive.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (8)

The suit has been crafted from Gore’s Pro Shell Goretex and has a robust but at the same time flexible feel. The latex neck and wrist gaskets are protected by neoprene gaskets. With the wrist gaskets having additional velcro adjustment.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (14)

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (17)

Both the chest and relief zip are Tizips. I’ve had a couple of suits with this kind of zip on and find them excellent.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (3)

The elbows, knees, ankles and backside of the suit are constructed using a tough ripstop material. It’s nice to see something that is clearly pretty tough in these key areas.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (18)

The waistband system is very similar to that used on the newer model shadrach which works extremely well so I am glad to see it here on the Intergalactic.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (2)

When I unpacked the suit and saw the socks I thought they looked a touch small. However they are bang on. With size 10 (UK) feet I can easily wear a thick pair of ski socks underneath without fear of the socks being tight. I suspect a great deal of research has gone into getting the size just right without having too much excess material.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (1)

I have had loads of emails in the last 24hrs asking about the chest entry zip. Well you’ll have to wait a little while as the review is currently underway.

A few on the water shots can be found here.


  1. Glenn

    I find the chest entry zip on my Kokatat drysuit very easy to use compared to my previous Palm Stikines; so it’s good to see that Sweet have taken the same approach. Where I think Sweet may have faltered here by not using the harder wearing and more effective brass zippers. Nice though the Sweet looks, personally, I think I would need a lot of persuasion to swop my Goretex K suit for one.

  2. Gwen

    Any plans for a female-friendly drop-seat version?

  3. Joe

    How much did you pay for the suit?

  4. Jóhann

    The suit looks nice for sure. The only thing that “bothers” me is that they used fabric socks and not latex.

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