A couple of weeks ago Unsponsored shared the new Sweet Protection white water kit with the world including the new Intergalactic drysuit.

This time we have some in the flesh images of the suit courtesy of our friends at WWTCC.

unsponsored_sweet_intergalactic 13

Reports from the initial testing of the suit here in the UK are – it’s very comfortable to wear, material is quite light so doesn’t feel bulky at all! Initial impressions are all positive.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 6

Made from Goretex Pro Shell. My experience with this fabric on the Sweet Shadrach is that it is great stuff, works well and what ever the face fabric is it’s pretty tough.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 12

Superb taping as you would expect from Sweet.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 11

Double cuffs at the wrists. Quality latex seals protected by an adjustable neoprene cuff.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 5

A nice little tab to help hold the suit in place when you are using the zip. It’s a nice little touch.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 7

Tizips are used throughout.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 9

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 10

Pocket detail.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 14

Zip parks used on all pocket zips.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 1

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 4

Re-enforced neoprene panels on the inner side of the ankle socks.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 13

Waist tunnel.

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 2

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 8

unsponsored_sweet2_intergalactic 3

So even in the pre-production model everything looks pretty good. I’m looking forward to trying an Intergalactic dry suit shortly.