The eagerly awaited parcel from Sweet Protection arrived today. Waiting for its arrival has been torture.

So since rushing home its been unpacked, photographed, weighed and worn.

Very few, if any user images can be seen on the Internet. I have therefore taken plenty and have posted them below. Here it is:

The helmet comes supplied with its own storage bag in a very nice and shiny/stretchy black fabric.

Gone are the fireball pads and in is a far larger padding strip. Two thicknesses are provided.

The graphics are under a protective clear coat.

The side information sticker can be removed. The carbon is visible below the outer shell and is designed to offer greater protection to the temple area. The chin strap is protected from the carbon by a strip of black trim.

This is probably one of the biggest changes to the Strutter design. The addition of the Occigrip system is superb and takes the Strutter to the next level. Initial crude push/pull tests are favourable and indicate that the chances of the helmet being pushed back (and the forehead exposed) are going to be pretty slim. The fit for me is simply awesome.

The front graphic sits within a moulded area on the helmet and again sits beneath a protective clear coat.

I will be posting a side by side comparison with my current Strutter over the course of this weekend. Over the next couple months the new Strutter will be my main helmet. An ongoing series of reviews will appear on the site over the summer.