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Verus Kayaks – Gladiator 2.0 and Hellbender

Verus Kayaks Gladiator 2.0 and Hellbender kayaks are in production and look great.

Bren Orton – No Paddle Tricky Whu

Bren Orton pulls a superb Tricky Whu out in North Carolina.

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New Kayaks From Jackson Kayak

Jackson have revealed two new WW kayaks, the Fun and Zen.


The Fun has returned back to its origins – a fun river running play boat. It is both wider and longer than more recent iterations. Continue reading

Freestyle Move – The McNasty

The McNasty1 from Jez Jez on Vimeo.

River A Week, #12 Salty Mouth – Stanley Embankment + Stacks

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 21.14.58

Just a quick video edit from last weeks paddling on Stanley and a quick sea paddle. Tides were on springs and a 9.7m tide meant Stanley was good but only for a very short time before getting a little messy. Still worth a play though. Also a journey on the sea against the tide using back eddies and surfing to get round the headlands on Anglesey.

Good paddling despite there being no rainfall!

River a Week, #12 Salty Mouth- Stanley Embankment + Stacks from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

Dagger Jitsu – Review

The Dagger Jitsu is the new playboat from Dagger. It’s been a long time (in my opinion) since Dagger was at the forefront of playboat design. Many of the recent designs have been popular but have never tempted me back to the brand.

Dagger Jitsu - Review

From Dagger:

Dagger brings decades of experience and team-tested, paddler-proven heritage to freestyle kayaking in the all new Jitsu Series. Tested and approved by some of the world’s most skilled paddlers, the Jitsu excels in surfing and aerial moves in wave play with volume proportions that allow skill development in hole play as well.

The Jitsu’s unique rocker profile, hull to rail relationship through the stern, carefully distributed centralized volume, and slicey tips make three dimensional combination moves in advancing hole play easier while creating a seamless blend of speed, looseness, and release on waves. The double-step carving rail above the release edge also helps the boat to grip and drive on wave faces for very controlled carving. The Jitsu maintains snappy edge-to-edge transition yet it is arguably the loosest hull on the market today.

Out-performing competitor freestyle kayaks downriver, the Jitsu is a solid all-around choice for those who want to enjoy big waves, holes on river, and freestyle competition too. Continue reading

Full Carbon Pyranha Jed


Liquid Logic Ronin 59

The Liquid Logic Vision 56 has to be one of my favourite kayaks. The next boat to find a home with me was the Liquid Logic Ronin 59. How would it compare?

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Fluid Flirt – Review

You don’t see very many Fluid kayaks here in the UK. Fluid Kayaks – The company is headed by Celliers Kruger, one of South Africa’s most accomplished whitewater paddlers.

The Flirt is our tried and tested playboat that continues to deliver great playboating performance while being a great little riverrunner at the same time.

The Flirt features a large planing hull with a bit of kick-rocker at the bow and stern. It is very loose and bounces on command. Aerial moves come naturally, and the full-length carving rails with aggressive cut-aways at the stern make for an exciting ride on green waves.

The outfitting on the Flirt could be considered as basic. The ratchet backrest is comfortable and is adjusted via some ratchets located on the base of the seat. The seat itself is comfortable and is fairly easy to outfit out with some foam and glue or by using the strap in hip pads.

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Dagger Jitsu

I had the chance to have a close up look at the new Dagger Jitsu courtesy of Northshore Watersports.

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