The Liquid Logic Vision 56 has to be one of my favourite kayaks. The next boat to find a home with me was the Liquid Logic Ronin 59. How would it compare?

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From Liquid Logic:

From novice playboater to freestyle champ, the Ronin 49 & 59 are your limitless play pods. The Ronin was designed with your backyard playspot in mind and its full-sized, tip-to-tip, planning surface generates speed and potential energy on even the smallest of waves. This team-inspired series has the loosest hull of any playboat that we’ve produced, translation … easy spins on any feature and quick-transitioning bounces used to set-up more advanced moves. Ready for any variety of aerial gymnastics, the Ronin’s smooth bow rocker transition and balanced width provide maximum control on or off edge. The volume additions in the bow and directly behind the paddler ensure impressive loops, inspire easy downriver paddling and provide added comfort. Full-on playboat for any sized feature or downriver toy, make sure you come packin’ your Ronin.

On my first couple of times out the Ronin, for me never really captured what was great about the Vision 56 – carve and carve with speed. Moving to what felt like a much slower boat, with less ability to carve was a disappointment. After messing around with the positioning of the seat and using a more agressive lean I was able to gain the speed that I thought was initially lost. Where the Ronin did gain was the ability to get the boat into the air.

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The greater volume and distribution of that volume resulted in the Ronin having a greater level of pop and stability when on end. Flat spins are definitely easier and when paddled more aggressively so are blunts.

The Ronin had what I believe is Liquid Logics best outfitting system (pre BADASS). The hip pads in particular worked really well for me.