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The Glide Is Back

GLIDE: the boat that changed the rules is back. With a few key tweaks.

The Glide Is Back

We loved the original Glide and are looking forward to seeing this new one in the flesh.

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Playboater Titanium Earwig – End Of An Era

After the best part of 20 years of existence the Playboater Titanium Earwig will no longer be produced. Sad times.

Playboater Titanium Earwig - End Of An Era

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Reader’s Rides 2015 – Tom Davies

Name: Tom Davies (


Location: Manchester

Origin Story:

I first started paddling when I was 10, in Newport, South Wales.


I kind of fell out of love with the sport for a bit, until I went to University in 2012, and joined Manchester University Canoe Club. Since then, I’ve rapidly grown from a full time student into a full time kayaker. I try and get away to a river every weekend, and sometimes I succeed.

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Liquid Logic Ronin 59

The Liquid Logic Vision 56 has to be one of my favourite kayaks. The next boat to find a home with me was the Liquid Logic Ronin 59. How would it compare?

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Playboater Pro Team Deck

What happens when you take a Playboater Workdeck design but make it a little heavier duty, add a dry lip and make the fit just a little snugger? You get the Pro Team Deck.

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