What happens when you take a Playboater Workdeck design but make it a little heavier duty, add a dry lip and make the fit just a little snugger? You get the Pro Team Deck.

kayak0507 112

Undergoing continuous development with our ProTeam this deck represents our state of the art. The 3/4 dry lip is easier to put on at the back and its low profile avoids water chanelling under the cockpit. A new tough Kevlar edge is kept in place with a sticky Latex coating inside. Combine this with an XL Playboater logo for the ultimate freestyle and river deck.


The ProTeam Deck is only available in Keyhole and Big Deck sizes to fit most current whitewater and freestyle kayaks except Riot.

Waist sizes

S (26-30″ 60-70cm)
M (30-34″ 70-80cm)
L (34-36″ 80-90cm)
XL (36-40″ 90-100cm)

The Pro Team deck has to be my favourite deck of all time. Yes it can be a bit of pig to get on (wetting it helps) but once on and wet the decks goes on easily and off easily and never has been in danger of imploding.


Unfortunately the newer crop of boats no longer come with a keyhole sized cockpit and I wasn’t able to source a Big Deck version so my Pro Team Deck now lives in my spare kit bag. It’s a real shame that the Pro Team deck isn’t made in a number of other sizes to fit the new kayak designs as the deck is superb. Before being put away the Pro Team deck has seen years of service and is as good as the day I bought it. No nicks, tears or any real visible signs of wear.

My new deck of choice is very similar in design to the Pro Team deck but is made from slightly lighter materials – Immersion Research Klingon Empire.