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A New Disco?

Corran has been designing again. This is what a new Disco V2 could look like.

A New Disco

For those of you who weren’t around at the time of the original Disco the boat really stepped things up in terms of what a small park and play kayak could do. Being based on the hull of the rule changing Riot Glide it had a head start on virtually all other small playboats out at the time.

So Corran is looking at a revamp of the old design, improving what wasn’t quite right at the time and stepping things up yet another notch. Check out this initial design concept.

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Riot Disco – Review

I owned a Riot Disco for over two years and used it in virually all water conditions. I was quite fortunate because my particular boat came with the Surf Seat as opposed to any of the earlier devices seats which tended to make the kayak far too heavy.

The Disco has to be one of the all time classic kayaks. A kayak that has changed the way in which the industry designs new kayaks. The Disco was probably the first short PnP kayak that could actually perform.

Riot Disco

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