I owned a Riot Disco for over two years and used it in virually all water conditions. I was quite fortunate because my particular boat came with the Surf Seat as opposed to any of the earlier devices seats which tended to make the kayak far too heavy.

The Disco has to be one of the all time classic kayaks. A kayak that has changed the way in which the industry designs new kayaks. The Disco was probably the first short PnP kayak that could actually perform.

Riot Disco

Having used the “old” disco for such a long time I was suprised when the new disco was announced. I have tried the new version a couple of times and have found that a number of major improvements have taken place.

Riot Disco

The disco had always been a great hole boat that spun on request, the new disco with its reduced volume has had some tweaks that have made spinning even easier. The area in which the old disco had problems was when it was vertical. It always had a bouncy and unstable feeling to it but the now reduced volume has gone some way to improving this. This ultimately has resulted in a wave and hole boat that is now as good cartwheeling on the flat as it was in the hole.

There is no doubt that the disco is a classic. Its concept and design has spawned a whole new generation of kayaks – Thankyou Riot!