After paddling a glide and disco for a number of years I looked forward to trying out the new trickster. I guess to some extent the trickster has taken the best from both of these boats to produce an all-round river running/play machine.

The trickster I tried was pre-2002 so it didn’t have the new ratchet system, thigh straps or new devices seat. However I’m pretty used to the pre 2002 system so getting in the boat meant it had a much more similar feel to what I had been used to. The footrest consists of wedge foam blocks that would need trimming depending on the size of the paddler. Foot room was good but I personally would have a set of “proper” footrests fitted. The general feel of the boat was good and required no trim adjustments for my size and weight. If it were necessary moving the seat is a simple process that require no special tools.

Having the famous Hydro-glide hull means that the trickster performs well on moving water. It spins with ease without the pearling effect I often experienced in the glide and responds well to weight shifts initiated by the paddler. Cartwheeling in moving water is fairly straightforward with the boat handling well from end to end. On the flat I had trouble getting the boat cartwheeling but that may well be down to poor technique.

Overall I loved the boat. It had the familiar Riot feel to it and it performed well. A boat for all river runners and players a like it may well be.