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Soul Kayaks – New Power Seat

Corran Addison has recently released some images of the new power seat fitted within the also new Soul composite Super Sic playboat.

New Power Seat

The power seat that was fitted to Riot kayaks back in the day (when Riot were good) was quite simply one of the best seats out there. If this new one is even half as good, it will be a winner.

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Searching For The Gee Spot

Searching for the Gee spot is a video that had a great influence on my freestyle paddling and encouraged me to spend lots of time getting the moves right on flatwater before progressing on to the moving stuff. Corran Addison has kindly given persmisson for Searching For The Gee Spot to be shared online via Unsponsored. Enjoy.

Searching For The Gee Spot

The quality of the video is a little bit sketchy but it is exactly the same as the VHS tape that I have.

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Channel Surfing

Another old school classic hot on the heels of Operation Zulu. With the permission of Corran Addison I have converted it to MP4 and put it online.

Corran Addison, Nico Chasing, Steve Fisher and Dan Campbell take starring roles in this short but action packed video that is watchable time and time again. The editing is quite jumpy, fast – sort of MTV style, but the boating is good.

Channel Surfing

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Operation Zulu

Without doubt the video of the 1990’s, Operation Zulu brought Corran and the rest of the Riot Kayak squad to our screens. Until now only available on VHS if you could find it. Thankfully with a bit of help I have sourced an original VHS copy and with the permission of Corran Addison have converted it to MP4 and put it online.

30-40 minutes of big water, aerials move, cartwheels, splitwheels, freewheels. At the time they were the most radical moves out there. The editing is slick and the soundtrack includes Real Big Fish, and The Bloodhound Gang. Old school boats are plenty – Savage Fury, Hammer, Glide (protos), 007… See what the pros can do.


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Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Somethings shouldn’t work but they just do. How about creating a Duo kayak from a couple of damaged creek boats that you might have lying around? Sounds pretty good, a nice little weekend project.

The kayak below was spotted at the 2015 National Student Rodeo here in the UK.

Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Here’s some inspiration from the UK, the home of 19th century industrial dominance – the LiquidRiot Duo kayak.

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id10t5 – The Sequel

id10t5 - The Sequel

Part two of team Peak UK’s epic search for the ultimate paddling location. With amazing soundtrack by Burdock!! Enjoy… and yes, “it’s not as good as Hurley!!”

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Old School Series – R1 & R2 Riot Helmets

Seeing this a Riot Helmet for sale on Ebay reminded me of how much I really liked the fit and protection of the similar Riot Helmet I owned for several years.

Here is what I said about the Riot Helmets at the time I was using one:

The Riot helmet is no longer produced and has been quite difficult to get hold of. They came in two varieties the R1 and R2. Shell sizes are standard with the amount of inner foam being the deciding factor on size.

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Riot Dominatrix – Review

The Dominatrix is Riot’s scaled down Trickster. The Dominatrix is both shorter and has less volume than its larger sibling. This puts the Dominatrix somewhere between the Riot Disco and Trickster.

The Domiatrix is available in three sizes 41, 44, and 47.

Riot Dominatrix - Review
Riot Dominatrix – Review
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Old School Series – End Game

My copy of Corran Addison’s new movie arrived safely from Canada. The order was made via Corran’s site and my Pay pal account. I ordered the DVD version which meant I had to have a multi region DVD player since it is a NTSC version as apposed to the UK PAL format. Most UK machines can handle this but check yours before you order.


The movie starts of with a very Python-esque title sequence before Corran’s narration begins and we are introduced to the main paddlers and the “plan”.

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When I Were Young

I found this within the Unsponsored archives and thought it might be of interest. Before the changes to the Tees Barrage Whitewater course this is what the course was like. It was so long ago I had forgotten that there even was an island river left at the top of the course! Enjoy.

Inlet gate – Easy Rider

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Riot Glide – Review

In the spring of 1997, Riot Kayaks set out to design a kayak that would enable them to win the world rodeo championships: the ultimate wave-surfing, hole-riding, rodeo kayak.

Riot Glide - Review

From Riot:

We succeeded in creating just that a boat so far ahead of any other kayak at the 1997 championships, that athletes who felt disadvantaged lobbied for a last minute change in the scoring rules to prevent the Glide from achieving high scores on the moves it had been designed to do, and in which it excelled. That was prototype number one. Thirty-three completely vertical ends in twenty four seconds, multiple blunt splitwheels on totally green waves, airborne six point wave wheels, super blunts, freewheels, rockwheels, super clean cartwheels, clean shuvvits and more. The list is endless, the limits are undefined. If all-out rodeo is your thing, then this is the only possible choice.

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Before GoPro

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