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Riot Helmet

Stumbled upon these images from a few years ago. This helmet has to be one of my favourite bits of kayak kit.

Unfortunately I sold it !

Riot Trickster – Review

After paddling a glide and disco for a number of years I looked forward to trying out the new trickster. I guess to some extent the trickster has taken the best from both of these boats to produce an all-round river running/play machine. Continue reading

Riot Disco – Review

I owned a Riot Disco for over two years and used it in virually all water conditions. I was quite fortunate because my particular boat came with the Surf Seat as opposed to any of the earlier devices seats which tended to make the kayak far too heavy.

The Disco has to be one of the all time classic kayaks. A kayak that has changed the way in which the industry designs new kayaks. The Disco was probably the first short PnP kayak that could actually perform.

Riot Disco

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Riot Techno – Review

The Techno comes with Riot’s new outfitting. Which is comfortable, and highly adjustable. The adjustability of the backrest and thigh braces comes form a ratchet system that seems highly effective and is becoming a standard feature of most new boats. I was sceptical at first but the thigh braces worked really well for me, I always like Riot’s earlier minimalist design, and this felt similar, but far more secure and highly adjustable. The boat still remained easy to get out of which is always a plus!

Riot Techno - Review
Riot Techno – Review
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Riot Turbo – Review

An intermediates perspective.

Having previous paddled the Booster 55 and a brief spell in the Air 55, I was looking for a boat with the best attributes of both: speed, looseness and great carving but with good tracking ability and positive handling. Over the last 6 weeks, I haven’t been disappointed in the Turbo 52.

Riot Turbo - Review
Riot Turbo – Review
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Operation Zulu

Without doubt the video of the 1990’s, Operation Zulu brought Corran and the rest of the Riot Kayak squad to our screens. Still great to watch now Zulu set the standard for a new breed of kayak videos.

30-40 minutes of big water, aerials move, cartwheels, splitwheels, freewheels. For the time it had it all. The editing is slick and the soundtrack includes Real Big Fish, The Bloodhound Gang etc. Old school boats are plenty – Savage Fury, Hammer, Glide (protos), 007. See what the pros can do.

If you have never seen this master piece get out there and try and find one. I hope they’ll bring it out on DVD!

Riot Air – Review

You can’t ignore how this boat is named: it’s about getting air, and so much more. Riot’s created a spud boat that is faster, looser, and easier to get air in than any other.

Essentially it is an improvement upon the famed Disco. The Air is designed to get super-sized aerials and cartwheel on as many waves, holes and eddy lines as possible.

Riot realizes that one size does not fit all. This boat comes available in 2 sizes, the 45 for smaller paddlers, the 55 for larger paddlers. Continue reading

Riot Inferno – Review

I had the pleasure to take out one of Riot’s latest offerings last night, the day after they arrived in the UK. Here’s my take on the INFERNO.

As soon as I looked at the INFERNO I knew it was gonna go… I wasn’t expecting huge things, all I wanted was better than my DISCO. First thing you can’t help but notice is the outfitting. It’s very well done. Adjustable height on the backband and ratchet between your legs is ideal. The thigh hookers looked, well, interesting, but I was prepared to reserve judgement. The boat its self is styled very well. The edges look very well thought out and the softness of the fore and aft rails look to give huge forgiveness yet still give the ability to drive the boat. The plastic seems very nice indeed. Well polished moulds and good rigidity give the boat the good looks and great plastic we’re all expecting these days. Continue reading

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