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Searching For The Gee Spot

Searching for the Gee spot is a video that had a great influence on my freestyle paddling and encouraged me to spend lots of time getting the moves right on flatwater before progressing on to the moving stuff. Corran Addison has kindly given persmisson for Searching For The Gee Spot to be shared online via Unsponsored. Enjoy.

Searching For The Gee Spot

The quality of the video is a little bit sketchy but it is exactly the same as the VHS tape that I have.

If you are new to the sport or even a seasoned pro there is still a great deal that can be learnt from this video. At the time Corran was breaking new ground with the innovative use of digital animation.

Searching For The Gee Spot – Unsponsored from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

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  1. Kevlar

    Any news about a possible release of Searching for the Pro State in the future ?

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