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Gul Watersports Napa Drysuit – First Look

Gul is a UK based company with over 50 years experience in the watersports industry. We have received a couple of bits of gear from Gul for review at Unsponsored. First up is the paddling specific Napa Drysuit.

Gul Watersports Napa Drysuit - First Look

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Palm Paddle Bag – First Look

Earlier this week we received a 2.0m Palm Paddle Bag for review.

Palm Paddle Bag - First Look

Although paddle bags are really useful for keeping paddles safe when there being slung around on/off long haul flights, my prime use for them is actually to protect my car when the paddles are being carried inside.

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First Thoughts On The Kokatat Idol

Natty Cordon takes a look at the new Kokatat Idol drysuit/drytop.

Is it really possible to kill two birds with one stone? Well Kokatat have finally achieved it! Thanks to their innovative waist entry system, the new Kokatat Idol drysuit can be split in half and used as a dry cag for the summer months!

Kokatat Idol Review

Having faced some fairly intense scepticism, with even my closest friends believing that I would drown, I have gathered a few FAQs which I will now attempt to answer:

Kokatat Idol Review

What’s the waist entry system all about?

In stark contrast to the traditional front or rear entry drysuits, the Kokatat Idol has a flexible plastic zip which runs around the waist, separating the trousers from the top.

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Dry Suit – Zipper Repair

A great little edit from Kokatat that will be useful to any paddler who owns a dry suit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 07.26.55

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Kokatat’s New Two Piece Dry Suit


It’s always good to see a company take an alternative approach to a problem. Kokatat have down just that with the Idol dry suit. Essenstially the Idol is a two piece suit that is a joined by a waterproof zip that circumnavigates the waist of the suit. This means that the top could be used as a dry top or used in conjunction with the bottoms to form a complete suit. A great idea. Continue reading

Kokatat GoreTex Meridian Drysuit – Review

Nick Pearce gives us his views on the Kokatat Meridian Drysuit (Goretex).

So, for the last 6 months I have been using the very well tried-and-tested Kokatat GoreTeX Meridian drysuit. Before this suit I used an array of dry suits from the likes of Palm and Level 6.

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