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Three Waves Nose Plugs/Clips

I’ve been using Smiley nose plugs for longer than I care to remember and have never moved away from them. I am a firm believer in the use of nose plugs and each of my helmets has (had) a Smiley nose plug attached and they have served me well. However that may have just changed with the arrival of these new nose plugs from Three Waves.

Unsponsored-Three Waves 7

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent a pair of ThreeWaves nose clips from Germany.

Perfect fit and high wearing comfort combined with quality materials and a stylish appearance. three waves produced in Franconia / Germany nose clips with high quality standards which leave neither the torrential still play the role or spot training in the lurch.

… the three waves nose clip stays where it belongs … on the nose!

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Product Details:

o Double lacquered flexible metal bracket for individual adjustment to the nose.
o Molded from high-quality silicone pads by dermatologically harmless silicone for very long life with application-specific use.
o Our use of silicone is hydrophobic, or water-repellent and thus displaces the water film between the silicone pad and skin, resulting in a perfect fit.
o The silicone pads on the nose contact surfaces are roughened and equipped with mini suction cups.
o Very comfortable to wear even over several hours due to the anatomically shaped silicone pads.
o Tear-resistant and high quality 24 cm long polyester lanyard for secure attachment.
o Can be put on and adjust with one hand.
o Ideal for whitewater rodeo, Eskimo animals, kayak polo, sea kayaking, etc.
o Absolutely impervious to salt water, chlorine, perspiration.
o three waves nose clips are handmade in Franconia / Germany.
o Only 6.5 grams.

First things first they are more expensive than Smileys or similar at around £15. Now that shouldn’t put you off as the features, fit and function of the Three Waves plugs is far better.

Unsponsored-Three Waves 6

I have really been so impressed by the quality, feel and performance of these nose plugs that I feel that the price is justified. My Smiley nose plugs have been removed and the Threewaves plugs have taken there place. Through the back end of what has been a pretty warm summer I have found that the plugs stay put even on a nose that is wet from the river/sea, covered in sun block or just simply sweaty.

Unsponsored-Three Waves 4

The plugs leash has a system that doesn’t include a metal clasp, this seems a minor point but I have found that over time the system used on the Smileys can corrode.

Unsponsored-Three Waves 5

The nose clips are available in purple, orange, lime-green and anthracite and as I believe they are that good Unsponsored through the Unsponsored HQ will be bringing them to the UK.


Update: I have a limited number of Threewaves nose plugs available for sale. Email phil@ dot uk


  1. Bill Laird

    They look and sound good. Can you buy them anywhere in the US or on-line?

  2. JJ

    @Bill – I ended up ordering directly from Norbert. Very expensive to get a pair shipped to the USA. Cost was ~$34. We’ll see if they’re really worth it.

  3. Richard O'Brien

    Whats the UK price please?

    • Unsponsored

      £15 inc P&P in the UK

  4. Unsponsored

    Blue are limited edition.

  5. Andy Howell

    How do I get these in the uk ?

    • Unsponsored

      Drop me an email. I have stock in the uk.

  6. luke

    lost my smileys in the surf and decided to take Phils advice on these… I honestly didn’t think they would be as good as they are, so much more effective and more comfortable than Smileys.

    Turned out quite expensive though as I then felt compelled to follow his other recommendations and order a shiny new IR Kling-On Empire spraydeck too 🙂


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