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Wavesport Recon

I travelled just under two hours North for the official opening of North East Kayaks and Paddles (more on that in another post). Tom from Wavesport was there with one of the handful of final prototype Wavesport Recons currently in existence.

The Recon’s hull has a continuous rocker profile and should as a result be a dream to boot. The edges of the boat are quite interesting, they get progressively harder as you move along to the back of the boat until near the very end where they soften again. The images don’t really show the subtly of the hull design very well.

The outfitting within the Recon is superb. I found the boat to be super comfy and within seconds I was set up and locked in tight. There are a number of really nice features that make this boat standout. The ability to raise the front of the seat is a superb idea and I love it. It makes it so much easier to get a better fit.

The thigh braces hook around the outside of your thigh, again this really makes you feel as though you are wearing the boat.

The rear of the seat has multiple tie in points for kit. And the tie in points at the front of the seat allow a bottle and throw bag to carried at the same time, on e on top of another (i.e. bottle on the bottom, bag on the top). Additional sets of bungee cord are also supplied either side of the central storage spot as quick stash points.

The yellow (easy to see) footrest nuts have little leashes that ensure that they dont go falling around in side the boat when you loosen them of. You can just see them in the image above.

It’s quite clear that great deal of thought has been put into the design of the Recon and I for one will be putting my name down on the list for the Recon 93.


  1. Parker

    I love this boat, I was just wondering why you were going to go with the 93 rather than the 83? Just wondering for own knowledge when I get this boat.

    • admin

      Weight! Too many pies means I sit in the middle of the 93 range. I will hopefully get a paddle of the 83 week after next so will be able to make a better informed judgement.

  2. Pat Younger

    Looks like the Recon is following the sizing of Pyranha’s Shiva. My experience with the Shiva is that you do not want to be too heavy for the size. The abrupt rocker in the bow pushes a lot of water if you are heavy for the size. I weight 200lbs and found the Medium Shiva was extremely slow going against current and would also tend to spin. The Large Shiva was much faster sitting higher on the water. I bet the Recon will have similar characteristics looking at the profile rocker of this boat which reminds me of the Shiva. The problem with the large 93 gal boat may be reliable rolling in combat.
    Stick with the 93 if you can roll it well.

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