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Wavesport’s New Kayak

Wavesport revealed this interesting looking prototype at Paddle Expo 2017 this week. As yet the new kayak doesn’t have a name, but expect it to be hitting the water next year.

Wavesport's New Kayak

Could this boat drive up enough demand in the USA for a Wavesport return? Who knows.

Wavesport's New Kayak

Wavesport's New Kayak

Wavesport's New Kayak

Images: Sam Elliott


  1. John

    I don’t see enough change for that to bring WS back to the states. This years boats are old school slicey for the most part.

  2. JC

    Most people I know(southeast paddlers) have always supported Wavesport. I still see plenty of their boats on my local runs. We would welcome their return with open arms.

  3. Steepcreek

    Love wavesport boats and have had several over the years. I was sad they left the states and would agree with JC. Wouldn’t mind trying out the new design. Bring em back

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