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Zet Kayaks – The Cross

Here we have the first images of the production Cross from Zet Kayaks.

Zet Kayaks - The Cross

It’s billed as a M/L creeker/river runner developed from the Five hull.

Zet Kayaks - The Cross
Zet Kayaks - The Cross
Zet Kayaks - The Cross

Specs to follow.

What do you think? Let us know via the comments section below.


  1. Dan Mark

    Pretty boat. Zet have released some additional pics on their FB page. Looks like the Cross has more of a straight-up planing hull than the Five, and has some (gentle) edges in the middle of the boat.

  2. Josh H

    Great looking boat. Love to see how it looks side by side w a gangsta and large 9r. Zet lists the volume at 92 gallons and a medium /large boat. makes me skeptical for the 200lb boater. The gangsta was listed at 95 gallons and was considerably smaller than the large 9r which is perfect for someone 200lb plus overnight gear. Love to have some input if anyone is in one or could do a side by side….

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