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Dagger Kayaks 2018

Sam Elliott from Shields Paddling Company was over at Paddle Expo 2017 this week checking out some of the great new Dagger kit for 2018.

Dagger 2018

Sam has hooked Unsponsored up with information and images from the trade fair. First up is Dagger Kayaks 2018.

It will be 30 years since the Dagger hit the water and 22 since the first RPM. This limited edition version includes updated outfitting and limited edition graphics.

Dagger 2018

I suspect that these will sell very well.

Dagger 2018

And here’s the Phantom. You saw it here first on Unsponsored a few months back.


  1. lettingthelightshineoffline

    Glad the outfitting has improved since the first edition!


    Dagger might want to reconsider that Phantom Logo…yikes

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