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THE Dagger Phantom

This boat has been in the making for absolutely years. We’ve had lots of Phantom news on Unsponsored for some time including #TheMystery kayak which was indeed the Dagger Phantom.

THE Dagger Phantom

The Dagger Phantom

The Dagger Phantom

We’ve had the detail on this one for sometime and you’ll may have seen some images and video starting to appear on Instagram (see above).

So this boat is going into production and will be available in 2018. Will we be getting one in at Unsponsored HQ? Of course we will.

Sub 9ft super quick boat.
High rocker and high volume bow.
Flat planing hull.
Low stern rocker.

THE Dagger Phantom


Length 271cm
Width 68cm
Deck height 37cm
Volume TBC L
Paddler weight 66 – 116kg

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  1. kayaker2015

    I like the look of that. I’m thinking I would like it more than the Mamba I used to own.

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