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End Game

We now have Corran Addison’s End Game right here on Unsponsored. Big water, big moves and pre-GoPro.

End Game

Corran has kindly given permission for this to be hosted and shared by Unsponsored.

End Game from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

Here is what we said about it way back when:

The first piece of kayak action takes place on the Island of Corsica, with a number of impressive creek type runs being shown. A number of probably very painful wipe outs are also shown. Proving that all paddlers can have a little bad luck, even the pro’s.

Throughout the 1hr 4mins of the show you get to see quick snippets of proto type boats being tested or standard boats being tweaked. This includes the heating, chopping and welding of one boat before it gets put through its paces on the water.

The action then moves to France and Hawaii sur Rhone where some awesome aerial moves are pulled off on the monster wave. At this point most other Kayak movies end at around 45 minutes but we then quickly move on to Italy for some more steep technical runs with a number of seriously close calls before heading off on a road trip through Russia to war torn Chetznia. Vodka, guards, guns and bikini clad women feature heavily before the band of paddlers hit the river for some more extreme runs.

The next venue is the Island of Hawaii where Corran searches out big surf and the infamous wave Jaws. Lots of big wave action including loads of aerial moves thrown in for good measure. The shots of Corran’s 6ft aerial air screw as shown in Kayak Session and on the web are also include, but sadly conditions for Jaws were not perfect. While in Hawaii we get another glimpse of some proto surf boats being tweaked by a Surf Board guru before they are put to work in the huge surf.

Finally we arrive back in Canada to the sounds of the Grease theme tune and the grunt of Corran’s custom beach buggy before heading off to the big water for the final hit of extreme paddling.

End games makes a clear departure from the kayak movies of the past in terms of its sometimes tongue in cheek approach, the philosophy Corran imparts and his thoughts on the state of paddling as well as the content and length of the video itself.

I like the whole idea of this video, for the moment it is something new and fresh. The concept of it being available on DVD is also appealing. The whole package is very professional including the standard of the printed DVD (see image). The ability to jump from scene to scene, pause the action in perfect clarity has to be a bonus.

Whether or not End Game will be available in UK stores I don’t know but PeakUK probably know the answer. Ordering online was easy and painless as was the amount of time needed to receive the goods. Having watched it would I watch it again? Yes. Turning back the clock would I buy it again? Yes.

You’ll find many other videos from Corran on Unsponsored. Check them out and we hope you enjoy them.

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  1. dave thompson

    ahh, was one of the most influential kayak films I saw in my youth… and its still a classic and keeps fueling the desire to go explore and have crazy adventures n crazier partytime all over the world… this is the true spirit 🙂 hard core fun hahaaaa

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