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GoPro Hero 3 Part I – First Look

My Gopro Hero HD3 Hero Silver Edition landed this AM from the guys at Summit to Sea. RRP is around £280 but they can be found for a little less.

The camera is the Silver edition which is essentially the Hero 2 but with built in Wifi. You may therefore ask what is the point of changing. Well for me its down to weight and it is this that prompted the purchase. As I wear my GoPro on my Sweet Strutter the less weight the better. I have received a great deal of stick in the past about weighing kit, but I make no apology in taking the time to weigh the GoPro 3 both with and without its case. If this offends you please leave this page now.

Key Benefits

Wearable, mountable design
Immersive, wide angle capture of your favorite activities
Professional quality HD video & 11MP photos
Built-in Wi-Fi enables remote control via included Wi-Fi Remote or live video preview and remote control on smartphones and tablets running the free GoPro App.
Rugged housing is waterproof to 197’/60M and captures sharp images above and below water
Compatible with all GoPro mounts for attaching to gear, body, helmets, vehicles and more
Compatible with LCD Touch BacPac™ and second generation Battery BacPac™
Backwards compatible with older generation BacPacs™
New advanced camera settings: Looping video, Continuous Photo, Manual White Balance control, Protune Mode, allows to shoot photos while recording video and more.

Key Specs

Professional 1080p 30 fps / 960p 48 fps / 720p 60 fps and more video capture
11MP photo capture with 10 fps burst
Wi-Fi Built-In
Wi-Fi Remote Compatible (sold separately)
GoPro App Compatible (FREE)
197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing*
Assorted mounts and hardware included for attaching to helmets, gear and more

Now that I have the camera, there is a marked difference in how it handles. The camera is noticeably smaller and lighter, the buttons are also much easier to operate. This is true when the camera is both inside and outside of its protective case.

The camera has a black textured rubber coating around the outside which is far more tactile and has a bit of grip. The big difference with the case on first glance is the flat lens. Which will be great for underwater shots, but for me the biggest difference is the fact that the catch has a locking mechanism which gives that added bit of security.

Price for the Gopro Hero HD3 Hero Silver Edition is around the £270 mark.

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  1. Jack

    and the price is……………..?

    • admin

      Around the £270 mark.

  2. David Johnston

    The new GoPro camera looks fantastic! Looking forward to giving it a go.


    David Johnston

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