Duration: 50mins

In search of fresh whitewater the Fisher family and friends holiday to Iceland and Norway. Showing their journey through challenging terrain and inspiring white water.

“Sometimes you just have to buck up and huck it.”

Filmed by Dave Fisher, Steve Fisher’s brother, the film follows Steve, Rush Sturges, Ben Brown and Shane Raw for two months in their search of new whitewater rivers and waterfalls to run.

The film features heavily on the paddling and their journey through the areas they visited and a few unexpected problems they encountered giving the film its name “Halo Effect”. One disastrous problem that occurred was watching their transport sinking into volcanic marsh only to then be rescued by the local rescue team, who then took them straight to the local police station having unknowingly committed a serious criminal offense.

With a complimenting cheerful soundtrack that blends well with the epic footage. Make sure you watch all through the credits for some humorous clips of the lads. This shorter length documentary film would be a great inspiration to anyone wanting to get out and find their own first descents.

by Gavin Hart