Happy – 2b is a relatively new company based in Europe (sunny Holland) that manufactures high quality composite helmets for the skateboarding and paddlesport markets. Getting hold of one of these helmets in the UK is pretty difficult but their on-line ordering system is A1- being both secure and quick. I managed to pinch one from a mate of mine for a weekend of paddling.

At this point I should make it aware that the helmet I tried out was not CE approved although all things being well future ones will be.I decided to look at the 12b mainly because I like the look of this model in comparison to all of the others currently on the market (CE approved or not). The shell of the helmet is made up of a carbon/aramid/fiberglass blend. This basically means it’s light but extremely tough.

Happy 2b - 12b Helmet

The colour options on there products are infinite – drop them a line and a custom coloured hat can be produced with a few days notice. They can even add logo’s, decals etc.

As with all new helmets the 12b needed to be adjusted/fitted out to fit my head, but saying that even before outfitting the 12b it was incredibly comfortable, and the strapping system kept it from sliding back and exposing my forehead. One of the nice little touches I liked was the double-quick release on each side of the chinstrap, meaning you can release either side (great if your left or right handed or even a bit of both!). It also adjusts at each of these quick releases so a snug fit can be gained easily without the helmet being squed to one side. Along with the four points of adjustment on the 12b, there is also the foam outfitting kit that makes the helmet customisable for most head shapes/sizes. I added a little foam to the all around the helmet so it was nice and snug. Special note must be made of the overall construction of the 12b – simply its A1.

Happy 2b - 12b Helmet

Attention has been paid to all aspects of its finish, for example the rim of the helmet is surrounded by a small black rubber strip that is glued into place and makes the helmet look that much better.If you like a stylish helmet without the cost of the Sweet Strutter and want something that will be unique then check out the Happy-2b website or give them a call.

Price depends on the current exchange rate ($ – £)