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New Waka Tuna?

We’ve been sent a photo showing what appears to be a Waka Tuna. However this is not the hull shape that we are familiar with.

Here is a few shots of the current design for reference.

New Waka Tuna

Is it a new design? Has it been shopped?

We are trying to find out more.

The deck, thigh braces and grab handles are new. The drain bung has been repositioned. The seat may have also been tweaked but it is hard to tell.

New Waka Tuna

The following image was shared by Rhys Beddoe on the Unsponsored FB page. The hull looks very different.

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  1. savetheconwy

    ‘Fish tail’ like the 9R (and Mega Jester) and several ZET features. Lets only hope the thigh braces are half as good as the old Bliss Stick ones. Unfortunately all the lovely deck styling is gone. Time to stock up on ‘classic’ Tunas?

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