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Pyranha Machno – Prototype

Over the last few days you may have seen a some online activity indicating that UK based Pyranha Kayaks have a new creeker.

Pyranha Machno

Through some serious digging and investigative work at Unsponsored HQ we have some images of what is rumoured to be the pre-production prototype of the new kayak.

It is believed that Pyranha will be calling this one the Pyranha Machno.

Pyranha Machno - Prototype

The kayak was spotted at last weekends Wet West Paddle Fest and we are presuming the name comes from the Afon Machno in North Wales.


The Machno looks quite different from both the Burn and Shiva. What we can tell is that there is a displacement hull under their and it has plenty of volume. I suspect that this boat is probably a medium or large.

Could Pyranha have a Newmad killer with this one?

We’ll post more detail when we get it.


  1. Harry

    Unlikely, Dagger outfitting stays in the boat…

  2. Alex Zendel

    Please post pics of the hull when you get a chance!

    • Unsponsored

      Will do.

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