I managed to have a closer look at the Broadland and Covert canoes a couple of weeks ago. Both designs look really well thought out and have been very well made.

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Silverbirch canoes are made by the guys behind Tootega and are therefore designed and built right here in the UK. They currently have two canoe models in the range, The Broadland and the Covert 9.3 OC1.

The Broadland is constructed from either Duracore or Duralite three-layer polyethylene.


Duracore is a tough and durable three-layer Polyethylene material.

Made to last with a tough, high-density outer skin, a closed cell foam core, and a medium density inside skin to help dissipate the energy from impacts.

Duracore is made with a tough, UV stable, and abrasion resistant outer skin, and is easily repairable at home should you ever have an accident and damage it.

Colour options: Forest green, Cherry red
Gunwale options: Vinyl, Ash

Shell weight for Broadland 16 – 32.5kg


Duralite is an evolution in three-layer polyethylene construction.

The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find, the foam has been optimized to have a lower density, giving us a thicker core than that used in Duracore, and the material distribution between the layers has been optimised to make the most of the superior materials.

Colour options: signal red, lime green, vivid yellow, burnt orange, candy pink, electric blue, jet black

Gunwale options: Vinyl, Ash

Shell weight for Broadland 16 – 27.5kg

This puts Duralite in the same realm as Royalex!

The Broadland with ash gunwales looked awesome.

The OC1 Covert also looks superb. Nice sharp lines and clearly a great deal of performance going from the videos that have been appearing online.

Covert hits the Tryweryn from Sweet Skills on Vimeo.

Head over to the Silverbirch Facebook page for more images and video.